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Unleash Your Fitness Potential

Good health is not something we can buy, we believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. So what are you waiting for check your health status now it will merely cost you 3 minutes of time and nothing else.

1. Free Body Mass Index Calculator
2. Protein Fat Carbs & Calories Calculator
3. Body Weight Planner & Calculator

BMI Calculator & Macro Calculator

Gym Management Mobile Application

As the fitness industry continues to grow, gym owners and managers are faced with the challenge of efficiently managing their facilities for members, staff, trainer. One solution to this challenge is the implementation of gym management software, which provides an integrated platform for managing various aspects of gym operations.

Gym Management Mobile App
Gym Management Mobile Application
Beyond the Treadmill: Exploring the Impact of Software Applications on Fitness Facility Management

Beyond the familiar sights of treadmills and dumbbells today software applications have upgraded the way health clubs, gyms and fitness centers are managed, providing advanced solutions to enhance efficiency and member experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Gym Management Software for Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Gym Management Software for Your Business is a detailed resource designed to assist businesses in making informed decisions about gym management software. This guide explores crucial factors such as features, scalability, user interface, and integration capabilities, providing valuable insights for decision-makers in the fitness industry.

Fitness Club Management Software : FitFaat Partner Application Update Version 5

Fitness Club Management Software or FitFaat Partner Application or Sports Academy Management Software new releases and updates include partner website setting and website QR code with member blood group and whatsapp community with complain and notification alert.

Gym Management Application : FitFaat Partner Application Update Version 4

Gym Management App or FitFaat Partner Application new releases to improve functionality and user experience these updates include Biometric Biomax Machine support with GST Invoice and Irregular gym member report and birthday and Renewal SMS with Edit image of Member

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List Your Business On FitFaat

Free Business Listing for Gym & Fitness Studio through which your business will be visible on google and other search engine, so do not need to worry about your own personal website as more leads and inquiry will generate from free business listing page which you can easily convert them to members.

Advantages of Free Listing
1. Minimum 10 and upto 50 leads and inquiry every month
2. Free website creation for business
3. Free eCommerce Website and Mobile Application
4. User can purchase products from your Website and Mobile App

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Explore Gym Management Software

Sports Academy or Gym management software is an application specially designed and developed to manage operations in gym & sports academy. Gym Management Software comes with android and iOS App which is available on Playstore and App Store respectively through which you can manage your member, biometric user attendance, membership renewal, pending dues and many more.

Gym Management Software
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