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Gym Management Software : FitFaat Partner Application Update Version 3

  • Apr 18, 2023

Gym Management Software or FitFaat Partner Application new releases to improve functionality and user experience these updates include some gym member fridge membership and gym membership session wise and gym PT session wise and gym member transfer membership

FitFaat Partner App (Gym Management Software) and Web Application new releases to improve their functionality and user experience of our sports academy or gym partners. These updates include some performance improvements, advance features, and some client specific module enhancements. It's always a good idea to keep your Gym Management Software up to date to ensure that you have access to the latest features and improvements.

Here is the link of FitFaat Partner App Link

So below are the advance feature and custom module enhancements in out FitFaat Partner Application which will help you understand FitFaat Partner App in more better way.

Fridge membership:
Fridge Membership of Member

Now let's suppose your gym member has some medical emergency or something else and he/she request you to pause or fridge membership for some time like 1 month or 2 month or 6 month as he/she would not be able to come to gym, so now you as a gym owner can pause or fridge particular membership for specific time and when he/she come again to gym and put thumb on biometric machine then that paused or fridge membership will again start on regular basis and paused days will be added in expiration date of membership.

Membership Session Wise:
Membership Session Wise

Suppose your prospect or member tells you - I need to travel a lot due to job and I can't come to gym or sports academy on regular basis so do you have option of session based membership. Now you as gym owner do not need to worry about this you can offer your member session based membership means you can create a membership of 6 months and in which you can give 90 sessions, that means your member has option to come to gym 90 times in 180 days and that membership will expire what ever consumed first.

PT Session Wise:
PT Session Wise

Like wise membership session wise you can also allot PT session wise to your member means you can allot a PT to member of 60 days in which there are 30 session, so member can consume 30 PT session in 60 days.

Delete or Suspend Invoice:
Delete or Suspend Invoice

Now lets suppose you have alloted a membership or PT to any member and for any reason your member or you want to cancel or delete or suspend that membership or PT or Invoice you can do that very easily using this feature and you can also mention how much amount you want to refund either 100% or 50% or zero

Transfer Membership: